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  1. 17:18 Al Rajhi finally finishes 16th

    Yazeed Al Rajhi has regained 11’37’’ in the classification for the day’s special. The Saudi driver stopped to give assistance to Yazir Seaidan. As a result, he moves up to 16th position 10'24’’ behind the stage winner, between Bernhard Ten Brinke and Vaidotas Žala. er assistance à Yazir Seaidan. Il devrait remonter en 16e position à 10'24 entre Bernhard Ten Brinke et Vaidotas Zala.

  2. 13:46 Big losses for Sainz

    Carlos Sainz lost more than one hour changing his suspension. In the end, the Spaniard reached the finish more than one hour behind today’s winner Henk Lategan.

  3. 13:05 Victory for Lategan!

    After having driven for a long time with his door open, Henk Lategan has just reached the finishing line and the South African has deprived Sébastien Loeb of victory, beating him by 1’58’’. Lategan, who has often met with bad luck since his participation on the Dakar last year, has picked up his very first success. Lucio Alvarez has climbed on to the third step of the day’s podium, though Mathieu Serradori misses out on the top 3 by just 14 seconds.

  4. 12:33 Karyakin leads, Taylor on the provisional podium

    Sergey Karyakin has taken control of the race after 159 km ahead of his two rivals and rookies from the South Racing clan, Rodrigo Luppi De Oliveira and Molly Taylor. Marek Goczał has lost more than three minutes and is now in fourth place ahead of Frenchman Éric Abel.

  5. 12:30 Loeb gains almost 3 minutes

    Sébastien Loeb and Nasser Al-Attiyah have just reached the finishing line and the advantage lies with the Frenchman who has beatedn his Qatari rival by 2’55’’. In the overall classification, Al-Attiyah can content himself with a lead of 35’ over the BRX crew.

  6. 12:15 Serradori has learned the lesson of the previous Dakar

    Mathieu Serradori was battling hard at the forefront at the beginning of the Dakar last year behind the wheel of his Century CR6. Yet, despite this and after several nights spent in amongst the dunes, the Frenchman admitted that he had perhaps put too much pressure on himself. This year, he has set himself the goal of a top 5 finish like in 2021, though his aim is to do so cautiously. This is clearly what he is doing alongside his new co-pilot Loïc Minaudier (following the departure of Fabian Lurquin to taken on navigation duties for Sébastien Loeb with BRX). For the moment, Serradori, occupying 13th place in the overall classification, features on the provisional podium for the day’s special.

  7. 12:03 Lategan is holding steady

    After 300 km, Henk Lategan has surged forward and now leads by approximately 1’30’’ in front of Lucio Alvarez and 2 minutes ahead of Mathieu Serradori who moves back into third. Jakub Przygonski, who was in 14th place at the first check point, is now fourth, 3’24’’ behind the stage leader. Sébastien Loeb, in fifth, is still driving alongside Nasser Al-Attiyah, who trails Lategan by 7 minutes.

  8. 11:28 Peterhansel donates his suspension

    After Stéphane Peterhansel yesterday, today Carlos Sainz experienced a problem with his suspension. The Frenchman stopped to donate his to “El Matador” allowing the Spaniard to resume racing. A good deed indeed!

  9. 11:20 Sainz on the move again but Peterhansel still stopped

    Carlos Sainz’s problem seems to have been solved, but now Stéphane Perterhansel is at a standstill after 201 km, though for the moment, it is a mystery why…

  10. 11:17 Lategan takes advantage

    Henk Lategan has taken advantage of Stéphane Peterhansel stopping (to help Carlos Sainz) to regain the lead after 198 km, but only by one second in front of Mattias Ekstrom. Matthieu Serradori, behind the wheel of his Century, is putting in a fine performance, climbing up to third place, three minutes behind the current stage leader.

  11. 11:07 Loeb and Al-Attiyah neck and neck!

    Not content with being rivals in the overall classification, Sébastien Loeb and Nasser Al-Attiyah are neck and neck in the Saudi desert during this fifth special. They are driving together and the question is: who will blink first?

  12. 10:56 “Peter” to the rescue

    “Peter” to the rescue Carlos Sainz is still at a standstill after 201 km and his Audi Sport team-mate Stéphane Peterhansel has stopped to help him. With “Peter” out of the reckoning for the title and having said he would be continuing to help his team-mates, today Sainz will be happy to take advantage of a helping hand.

  13. 10:36 Sainz at a standstill!

    Carlos Sainz has been halted after 201 km for almost half an hour. For the moment, there is no information on the reasons for this long delay.

  14. 10:16 Two Audis on the provisional podium after 159 km

    After km 159 km, Stéphane Peterhansel has taken the lead from Henk Lategan by 26 seconds. Mattias Ekstrom completes the provisional top 2 also behind the wheel of an Audi RS Q e-tron, a little more than one minute behind. Orlando Terranova has put the first Prodrive on the leader board into fourth, just over two minutes behind Peter. The situation is more complicated for Nasser Al-Attiyah who has now lost more than 7’ minutes. However, the Qatari can rest easy because he has lost nothing to Sébastien Loeb who is exactly the same time behind the current stage leader!

  15. 10:15 Sanz is out to make up for yesterday’s mishaps

    Laia Sanz, who is making her debut in the car category on the Dakar behind the wheel of a Mini, lost almost one hour yesterday due to a broken suspension wishbone after 30 km. She also suffered two punctures leading to further time losses for the Spaniard. However, she is still present to take starter’s orders on the fifth stage. Sanz occupies 25th place in the overall classification, a little less than 13 hours behind Nasser Al-Attiyah.

  16. 09:42 A close shave for Roma!

    The fourth special was hardly restful for Nani Roma and his co-pilot Alex Haro. After rolling their car and having to repair a wheel, they eventually reached the bivouac via the road. During the night, the BRX mechanics worked flat out to repair the Hunter T1+. It was a close shave, but Roma was able to climb back behind the wheel of his vehicle this morning to take starter’s orders. It was a good thing too, because the Spaniard has put his Prodrive into ninth place at the first time check, only 2’ behind the current stage leader!

  17. 09:18 Lategan and Peterhansel seeking redemption

    At a standstill for a long time yesterday awaiting his assistance team to repair his rear right wheel, Henk Lategan missed out on another occasion to battle for victory. The South African is the sixteenth driver to start today and is evidently determined to regain time, as shown by the fact that he climbed into second place et the first time check point and into the lead at the next. Stéphane Peterhansel, also affected by mechanical problems yesterday (broken suspension), trails Lategan by 30’’. His Audi team-mate Mattias Ekstrom occupies third place, 48’’ behind the current stage leader. As for Nasser Al-Attiyah, he has lost a further two minutes.

  18. 08:37 A duel between Sainz and Loeb

    After 81 km, Carlos Sainz has moved ahead of Sébastien Loeb by just nine seconds. Nasser Al-Attiyah lies ready to pounce a little more than one minute his rivals. Yasir Seaidan, in the lead at the firs time check point, seems to have got lost after 69 km and the Saudi is starting to lose precious time.

  19. 08:24 Apologies from De Villiers

    Giniel De Villiers, a pretender for the title, has received two penalties. The first five-minute penalty was for having knocked into a biker on stage 1B and the second, totalling 5 hours, was for having driven over a bike on landing after a jump then failing to stop and assist the biker whose machine was damaged. For the second incident, the South African confirmed that it was accidental and that he was sincerely sorry. He has promised to pay for the replacement of the bike and the rider’s registration fees for the Dakar 2023. De Villiers also met both riders concerned to apologise in person and shake hands, meaning that this episode finishes on a more positive note.

  20. 08:20 Al-Attiyah has already lost more than one minute

    At the first time check, Nasser Al-Attiyah has already lost more than one minute to provisional stage leader Yasir Seaidan. Carlos Sainz and Sébastien Loeb are within touching distance of each other and only 10’’ behind the Saudi driver.

  21. 07:50 Did you know?

    It is the very first time on the Dakar that the riders and drivers are taking a completely different route. It has happened that portions of specials have been different especially for safety reasons, but never an entire stage. This will allow the four-wheelers (including the T3/T4/T5) to reach the bivouac earlier. For once the cars are starting very early!

  22. 07:46 Nasser Al-Attiyah is also on his way

    After three stage victories, Nasser Al-Attiyah is once again the first driver to get to grips with the fifth special. The Toyota rider is opening the way in front of Sébastien Loeb, his nearest rival in the overall classification, more than 38’ behind. Carlos Sainz in his Audi hybrid will be the third driver to start.

  23. 07:16 Two loops around Riyadh

    For the fifth stage, the bikes and the quads will take different routes to their colleagues on four wheels. The route will however be similar because all the competitors will loop around Riyadh. The special is 345-km long for the two-wheelers and 421-km long for the cars and trucks. The day’s start on stony ground will put the riders’ arms to the test but they will have to save as much energy as they can for a long portion of dunes measuring almost 80 kilometres, with some veritably sandy beasts to cross at the end of the stage, which could open up significant gaps.